Posted by: healthychickbakes | May 15, 2010

I believe I’m adopted.

Golly gee today was a busy, cake filled day!  I’ve got a lot of material to cover so I’ll skimp on the small talk.  Deal? Deal.

I arose from my slumber (a great one at that) at 9:00 and headed into the kitchen for a light breakfast before leaving for my morning workout.


  • 2 Kashi GoLEAN 7 Grain waffles
  • Full Circle organic strawberry preserves
  • fresh, local strawberries
  • Joe

Does it get more summer-y than this?

I ❤ this brand.  European eh?  Fancy.

Assembled it sandwich style!  Would you believe I didn’t lose a single strawberry in the midst of consumption!?!  Pure talent.

Off to workout.  I’d say today was a good one.  Heart rate stayed right up there where it should be.  After working out I ran a few errands.  Bank, grocery store x 2 (to pick up some last minute cake assembly ingredients), and back home.  The workout and the errand running worked up my appetite.  Thankfully some Veggie Pirate Booty and wasabi-flavored almonds were stashed in my car!

They look crazy, I know.  Trust me, these suckers are addictive!

Kashi round 2 for lunch!  Mayan Harvest Bake frozen meal (the only brand of frozen meals I’ll eat now-a-days).


Tasty? Yes!  Attractive…no.

I love everything about this meal!  The polenta, sweet potatoes, smoky adobo sauce, plantains, pumpkin seeds…they all work SO well together!  I just wish the serving size was bigger.  Shucks.

Before I reveal today’s cakes, I shall fast forward to a VERY RANDOM dinner!  Sweet potatoes and hickory smoked tuna anyone?

Indeed, this does make for 2 servings of sweet potatoes in ONE DAY!  SCORE!  How I love the simplicity of a roasted sweet potato and sea salt.  No butter, no brown sugar.  Simple and healthy and the way nature intended for it to be!

Tuna was from a pouch.  Flavor was good…texture, well that’s a different story.  I’ll leave it at that.  Needless to say, the star of the show was definitely the sweet potato!

Cake anyone?  I’ve done 3 2 cakes today.  The last one is in the process of cooling.  I won’t give any hints as to what it’s going to be, but in my opinion, it’s the show-stopper of the 3.  Stick around to see how it turns out 🙂

Graduation cake #1: White cake with buttercream icing and fondant flowers.  I was told she liked purple, wanted flowers, and was a true girly girl.  I had NO problem coming up with this one!

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  The decorating, assembly, and delivery were all flawless.  That rarely happens!

Proud mama 🙂

Graduation cake #2: Virginia Tech graduate!  Simple chocolate cake with buttercream icing and the Virginia Tech logo. 

If I had it my way there’d be a UT logo on the top.  The things I do to please clients.

To conclude today’s cake craziness, I leave you with one last creation:

No, it was not I who decorated these little beauties, but rather my lovely mother.  Leftover icing and poor naked cupcakes, together at last thanks to mi madre.  I certainly didn’t get my cake creativity from my mother.  Could I really be her’s? (dum dum dum!)

Happy Eating!


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