Posted by: healthychickbakes | May 13, 2010

Yay for local strawberries!

Ahh, another busy day indeed!  Plus side…it was B-E-A-UTIFUL outside.  Kinda hot and sticky however.  That’s Tennessee for ya!  Unfortunately I was forced to spend the earlier portion of the day indoors, listening to a lecture about genetics.  Woot.  Brain fuel was a necessity (well, I’d say caffeine was more of a necessity).


  • 1/3 cup Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon cereal (golly-bum this box will never end!)
  • perfectly ripened nana
  • Stonyfield Farms Wild Berry Super Smoothie

The cereal and nana were consumed mid-commute along with half my Joe.  So, I’ve realized something.  I eat WAY too fast.  The past 3 days I’ve been forced to eat breakfast in the car on my way to class.  In doing so,  I eat a lot slower and therefore feel full on less food.  That being said, only the nana and cereal were consumed in the car.  I took care of the smoothie around 10:15ish.

Mid-morning snack:

New bar!  Lovvvvved it 🙂  Check out the stats:

Had I known I would have liked it this much, I would have stocked up on my bi-monthy trip to Earth Fare.  Oh, and other thing….I stayed full for a SUPER long time after downing this sucker 😉  On to lunch (which was consumed at 2:30ish…that’s how long I stayed full.  Yeaaaa buddy!)


  • steamed broccoli
  • whole wheat hoagie bun
  • bibb lettuce
  • fat-free vegetarian refried beans
  • hummus

I was curious as to whether or not the whole combination would work, but it did 🙂 

Cake break!

Strawberry Shortcake Cake, mid-construction, made from none other than LOVELY  local strawberries! 

Take that California!  The guy from the grocery store said it was likely that these beauties were still in the ground when I woke up.  Ok, so maybe that was a slight exhageration on his part, but I’ve no doubt they’re as fresh as they come!

After cake assembly, mom and I enjoyed the weather by walking outside for a bit.  An appetite was definitely worked up!


  • English muffin
  • salsa
  • bibb lettuce
  • MorningStar Prime Grillers burger
  • steamed veg

I’d say that’s a purrty good dinner!

One cake down…3 to go!  No class tomorrow, so it’s BACK TO WORK for lunch service which I’m rather excited about!  I feel like I’ve been missing so much, not being there when all the action goes on.  I like to think I missed as well 🙂

Happy Eating!



  1. I’m curious about these morning star substitutes. I’m not a vegetarian, but I’d like to reduce my meat consumption. It takes so much grain to feed animals that it’s really ridiculous to eat them. Your strawberries look great!

    • I 100% agree with you on the whole too much grain ordeal!!! You definitely need to see Food Inc. It talks alot about the meat industry and what it has come to. VERY eye opening! I really like the Morningstar products. I don’t necessarily think they taste alot like what they’re mimicking (the “chik’n” doesn’t really taste like chicken and the “crumbles” don’t really taste like ground beef…etc) but that doesn’t mean they don’t taste good. My favorites are the veggie patties and the black bean burgers. Maybe they’re my favorite b/c they aren’t attempting to mimick anything. Haha. I would certainly give them a shot!

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