Posted by: healthychickbakes | May 4, 2010

Egg-tastic Day!

Good evening everyone!  I couldn’t have asked for better weather in my neck of the woods!  Absolutely b-e-a-UTIFUL!  I did good about taking pictures today, so let’s get movin, shall we?!  Run down of the day…work, home, gym, dinner, vote, home, BLOG!  Edible energy was in high demand! 


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 3/4 cup Almond Milk (makes rich, creamy oats!)
  • 1 very ripe nana
  • 2 tablespoons raspberry fruit spread

I simply combined the oats, almond milk, and nana in a microwave safe bowl, nucked em’ for a couple of minutes, stirred and enjoyed!

Notice that lovely dollop of jam in the center…

I LOVE this fruit spread!  Intense raspberry flavor for sure.  I also love the little raspberry seeds (wait a sec…I didn’t think raspberries had seeds??) Anyways, after working in the food industry, I’ve realized that Americans typically prefer their spreads and jams without seeds, so the fact that I like them makes me feel rather European 🙂  Reasonable conclusion, eh?

After arriving at work, I made some white cupcakes with white icing for a birthday party at the tea room tonight.  I also made some pate a choux “puffs” along with 4 BATCHES of strawberry bread for the upcoming strawberry festival and orange pecan muffins for another event this Saturday.  SHEW!!!  Before the lunch rush I was able to grab something for myself.


Leftover vegetarian chili that I froze a couple of weeks ago:

Corn and beans and tomatoes and zucchini GALORE!

Nice and spicy 😉

>>>>>>LuNcH RuSh>>>>>

Today we sold a lot of pinto beans and corn bread for some odd reason.  It usually isn’t our biggest seller.  And it was hot today…go figure.

Strawberry bread anyone?!

This Saturday is the annual Strawberry Festival and we’ve got a booth!  That means many many samples of our strawberry bread sandwiches with cream cheese filling 🙂  

Orange pecan muffins for our country breakfast on Saturday:

So light and fluffy!

Snack time for Kayley! (I could just eat all the goodies I make but then I’d have to change the title of my blog to Chuncky Chick Bakes…not quite as intriguing)

Salt and Vinegar Veggie Booty mixed with Veggie Melody Vegetable Straws.  Puffy, veggie addictivness!

I finally made it home in time to grab another snack before heading to workout…

The almond butter is drooling.

As was I 🙂

Iron was pumped and hunger was satisfied.

Corrie (my sister) was craving sweet potato chips, so we then headed to a local BBQ place called Smoky’s (original, I know).  Not many choices for a vegetarian.  I still managed.

I only ate one.  I promise.  I wasn’t really craving anything fried today, however they do make for a lovely photo-op.


Veggies to the rescue 🙂

Steamed broccoli, plain baked potato, and a side salad

Did I mention that BBQ places don’t have many options for vegetarians??  Exhibit A.

To conclude todays post, I’d like to show off these beauties…

18 big, beautiful ORGANIC brown eggs!!!!  I love my boss (and her reproductive chickens)!  Thanks Julie!

I desperately need some CREATIVE uses for eggs!  Any suggestions??

Happy Eating!


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