Posted by: healthychickbakes | April 28, 2010

The result of not enough protein: HUNGER!!!!!!!

Let me preface this post by saying that I only photographed about half of what I ate today.  😦  Believe me….I ate alot!  Looking back at everything I’ve consumed, I’ve noticed one thing that explains why I was SOOO hungry all day long.  I should know better by now. 

Breakfast was about the only meal that had a substantial amount of protein.

  • 1/2 cup egg whites with a splash of skim milk and hot sauce
  • 1/2 whole grain bagel with low-fat cream cheese and pumpkin butter
  • iced coffee goodness 🙂

Off to work!  Today’s special made me happy.  It was perfect compliment to the cool morning/afternoon.  Italian tomato soup with grilled cheese.  The customers seemed to like it 🙂

11ish rolled around and there was an overly-ripened banana lying all by it’s lonesome self.  Normally I would make banana bread but one measly banana wouldn’t get me very far…so I ate it.

12ish and I’m starting to feel Lester Lunch-time calling my name (wow, that was super lame).  I answered with the other half of that bagel from this morning, plain and toasted burnt.  Oops.  So much for trusting the “bagel” feature on our fancy smancy toaster.  Darn you toaster. 

12:45ish and I’m STARVING! Strawberry salad it was.

Oh, and by the way, I had 2 of these beauties.  The second time around I left off the feta and pecans and just opted for the greens and strawberries. 

Around 2:30 I made brownies (aka, my favorite thing to bake).  Why, you ask.  Brownie batter is the  I licked the bowl.  No shame.  You’d do it too. 

Came home and scarfed this pre-workout snack before meeting up with mom.

Fat-free cottage cheese with Kashi Warm Cinnamon cereal.  Those cute little hearts win me over every time 🙂

Rushed home after our workout popped this yumminess in the microwave.  Easy, fast, and delicious!  Thank you Kashi for giving me hope that there can be such thing as natural frozen meals.

The real deal:

Colorful food is GOOD!!!  When was the last time you saw colors like this come out of a frozen meal (sprinkles don’t count).  I love you Kashi.

Today’s eatin was mediocre.  I was hungry all day long and am hungry right now as I’m writing.  Learn from my mistakes.  Protein is a must.  Tomorrow I shall make up for it.  Bacon and sausage for breakfast, double cheeseburger for lunch and a 10 oz steak for dinner.  Kidding of course.  Tomorrow’s topic: protein the healthy way!

Happy eating!



  1. Thank papaw for the potatoes

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