Posted by: healthychickbakes | April 23, 2010

Nana’s brother from another mother

Ahh, where did I leave off last??? Oh yes, that’s right…snack time!  Today’s snack was a toss-up.  Mango was absolutely PERFECT!  Ya know when you’re eating a ripe peach and the juice just runs down your chin no matter how dainty you try to be?  Well, picture that, mango style 🙂

Yes, it was delish, but no, it wasn’t enough.  Off to my library of exotic yogurt!  Goat milk yogurt anyone?

I have no shame in saying that this is the WORST yogurt I have ever tasted in my life.  The appetite I had prior to tasting this goat-nasty cup of grossness was diminished, but not how I would have liked.  BLEEEK!

My mom and I then headed to Knoxville for some apartment shopping (woot!) and dinner at Sunspot (WOOT WOOT!).  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Sunspot.  They have great weekly specials and so many vegetarian options.  I opted for the Asian pasta salad with grilled tofu and zucchini.  Mom got the black bean chimichanga with rice.  They also have the greatest chips and salsa verde that are oh so addicting!

 My meal, about 5 minutes before I cleaned the plate (maybe that’s an exaggeration):

Tasty buckwheat pasta 🙂

Mom’s was good too!  That thing was HUGE!

After stuffing our faces at dinner we decided to browse through Fresh Market since we were close.  I have trouble just “browsing” through Fresh Market when the only grocery store we have in Jefferson City is a dinky Food City.  At this point I’d be thankful for a Kroger.  Picked up some Kashi Cinnamon cereal,Veggie Straws and these little beauties:

I think it said either Costa Rican bananas for Cuban bananas, not quite sure but when the time comes for me to tear into one of these babies, I’ll let ya know how it goes.

My other purchases:

Veggies Straws are SOOO good!

Oh, and did I mention that I saw Dr. Bob at Fresh Market??  (for those that aren’t aware, he’s the Dr. Oz of East Tennessee.  I’d say he’s a local celebrity).  Not that I was stalking him or anything, but he bought roses, chocolate, salt water taffy, and bananas.  Oww Oww, Dr. Bob is quite the romantic (minus the taffy and bananas.  those aren’t very romantic at all.) 

Conveniently enough, Ben and Jerry’s was right next door.  Darn you Ben and Jerry’s!  Guess who showed up?  He’s following me.

He got ice cream cake.  Moving on 🙂

Chocolate fudge frozen yogurt for ME!

That sucker didn’t have a chance! 

On the way home mom and I picked up some movies to watch tomorrow while we’re stuck indoors thanks to the icky weather that is to come.  I picked out Food Inc. and My Sister’s Keeper.  Can’t wait to watch Food Inc.!  After watching the trailer I was sold. 

Well, that’s all the eatin for today, folks!   Happy eating!



  1. I can’t beleave you stauked Dr. Bob,,that has to be a crime somewhere..

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