Posted by: healthychickbakes | April 14, 2010

Snackin’ Kinda Day

Happy Tuesday!  Today made for Day 2 of the Minnis House being open to the public.  But, before I can get to how that went down, we must discuss breakfast.  Ahh, breakfast, how I love breakfast.  Today was quite experimental in my opinion (I’m sure the more advanced healthy foodies would disagree with me).  I felt adventurous going outside my Kashi comfort zone.  This morning I tried cracked wheat.  No, this is not wheat on drugs.  (Gosh Kayley, that was pathetic).  Anyways, moving on.  I measured 1/4 cup of the cracked wheat into a microwavable bowl with 3/4 cup of water and nuked it in the microwave for 2 minutes, stirred, and then another 2 minutes.  I then peeled a nana and mashed it up in there for some added sweetness and umph along with a couple tablespoons of applesauce, a packet of Truvia, and a dusting of cinnamon. 

Ok, so it’s not exactly a very photogenic meal. 

In terms of taste and texture, it took some getting used to.  My tastes have begun to turn from being accustomed to overly sweet and processed breakfast foods that Americans are so used to, to more natural flavored and sweetened options.  Don’t be surprised if you see something similar to this on tomorrow’s post.  I washed down this bowl of yumminess with none other than an iced coffee.

Followed by…

Another iced coffee for the road.  My mom jokes that I need an i.v. hooked up to me with this stuff on the other end.  Don’t put it past me, mom.

My new-found love of cracked wheat continued even after I was done eating.  To my surprise my stomach was completely satisfied until lunch time!!!!  That says alot for someone who usually eats about ever 2 hours.  Lunch time rolled around and I kinda just ate something out of habit (sadly) but I could have easily gone another half-hour or so it seemed.  So, this is the part where today’s post title comes into play.  I started today’s snackapaloosa with some vanilla Greek yogurt.  Smooth and creamy and full of protein!

Approximately 2 hours later…

A whole wheat wrap smeared with 1 T of almond butter with flax seed, folded up burrito style.  Ole!

Some baking did occur between snacking thankfully.

Me and my scones.  What flavor you ask?  Chocolate chip pecan of course.  You want one, don’t you?  Lucky for you, they are available at The Minnis House, across the street from New Market Baptist Church at the red light in New Market.  (just thought I’d milk it for it all it’s worth.  can ya blame me?) Anyways, back to the scones.

Scone glamour shot.  Aren’t they just lovely? 

These little beauties are miniature herb parmesan muffins.  Make anything miniature and the cuteness factor automatically goes up!


After the lunch crowd came and went it was time for another snack. 

Today’s nana count: 2

After a splendid day at work it was time to come home.  And what do I do once I get home?  (are you noticing a trend?)

Looooove me some cottage cheese.  And…..

Almonds!  But these aren’t just any innocent almond.  These suckers pack a serious sinus-clearing punch!  Wasabi flavored! Don’t judge em’ until you try em!  So good!

Workout  was to follow.  I ended up talking alot today and therefore didn’t get quite the workout I initially thought I would.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll shut my mouth and focus.  We’ll see about that.

Snacking has finally ceased.  Dinner time.  I’ve been meaning to use up some fresh mushrooms that have been in the fridge for quite a while now so that was tonight’s dinner objective.  For Corrie and Mom I made a pizza topped mushrooms, olives, chicken and a mixture of 2% fat provolone slices and grated romano cheese.  They seemed to like it.

For myself, I sautéed up some of those same mushrooms along with some onion and asparagus in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.  I then tossed that mixture with some brown rice for a stir fry of sorts.

If some pieces look a little, well, burnt…it’s because it is.  It wasn’t my fault though.  Mom had received some sort of newsletter that contained an article about how long certain foods keep.  She was quizzing me.  We’re kinda nerdy like that.  The two biggest shockers for me: bottled pasta sauce 7 days and cold cuts-3 to 5 days!  Don’t lie….you know you have had both of those in your fridge for much longer!

Question:  Breakfast isn’t something we typically put alot of thought into.  What’s your typical go-to breakfast food?


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